Del Rae & Doede, Old Airport Beach, Big Island of Hawaii

On January 1, 2012, Hawaii finally recognized same sex marriage,  making Hawaii the seventh state to permit civil unions or similar legal recognitions for same sex couples.

I am thrilled that same sex couples in Hawaii  have finally been given the same legal rights as everyone else, many congrats to the gay & lesbian community!  Before the law passed though, I had actually already photographed a few lesbian and gay weddings.

What always gets to me is the overwhelming support I have seen for couples who have chosen to celebrate their lives so openly,and now legally!  It is touching to witness such love and acceptance.

Del Rae & Doede were married yesterday by Rev. April Weaver ( Congratulations to my most recent happy couple, and what a memorable couple they are.   They’re 2 of the nicest ladies you’ll ever meet!  I have to say, I really really enjoyed being a part of their special day, which was very relaxed and incredibly friendly.

2 thoughts on “Del Rae & Doede, Old Airport Beach, Big Island of Hawaii

  1. What a perfect union! We’re also friends and are so happy for Doede and Del Rae. My husband and I have been inspired by the love and respect they share for one another. It has been something to behold. Thanks for sharing the photos, they’re great! Especially knowing that these two are incredibly camera shy. : )



  2. Doede & Del Rae are friends and I’m glad they chose you to photograph their wedding. You captured some beautiful moments between them on such a joyous day.
    judy knapp

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